Dubai by Night

The city that comes alive at night

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Dubai by Night

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Dubai by Night

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Dubai by Night

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Days of Operation

1st October to 30th September


2 Hours

Price per Tour

Upon a request

Dubai by Night

Mastering night Photography is one of the best acomplishments for a photographer. You will leave us with a full understanding of how to use WB, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in order create magical nightime images. For the novice photographer, your Photography Guide will teach you how to make the most of even the most basic equipment, like GoPro cameras and mobile phones.

After meeting your Photography Guide, you will sit down together for a coffee to discuss your upcoming tour. Your Guide will establish what you would like to achieve from the session and what skills you would like to nurture. Then head out together to explore a range of locations in and around Dubai using various forms of transportation as you travel around the city with the authenticity of a local resident.

As a small group tour, it will be just a few interested peers looking to explore the city together. This will ensure you have the freedom to achieve all of your siteseeing and photography needs with utmost flexibily.

ShuGa’s Top Night Photography Tips

Tip 1 – Shoot in RAW
Shooting in RAW retains the most “information”. This gives the the chance to maximise your choices in post-production

Tip 2 – Use a Tripod
Shooting a night obviously means there will be less light and slower shutter speeds. For sharper images, use a tripod to hold the camera still while the shutter is open.

Tip 3 – Scope locations in advance
While ShuGa will do this for you, in regular settings, visit the site before to find a quiet spot where you can enjoy uninterrupted views.

Tip 4 – Use the lens sweet spot
Use the sweet spot range on the aperture of your lenses. This is usually between f/8 and f/16 but take test shots to find out

Tip 5 – Use automode for testing
Take your first shot in automode. Check the image on your screen and then use these settings as a starting point when you switch to manual mode.

Tip 6 – Learn to get the starburst effect
Learn how to get the starburst effect (seen here on image #4). Using a narrow aperture will bring more depth of field and will unleash the starburst effect

Tip 7 – Composition at night
The scence you see in front of you will not look as interesting when dark areas create a bland look to your photos. Don’t be affraid to zoom in to the most photogenic areas of the scene.

Tip 8 – Don’t touch your camera
When taking long exposures at night, even touching your camera to press the shutter button can create enough movement to blur images. Use your camera’s self timer function in order to avoid any problems and ensure sharper, crisper and cleaner images.


Night Tour Highlights

  • Photography tour designed around your specific siteseeing and Photography goals
  • Expert guidance from one of Dubai’s most renowed Photographers
  • Master the difficult task of capturing beautiful night photos
  • Jump in front of the camera if you want to be captured in and around Dubai
  • Learn how different photography equipment creates a unique perspective. See the difference between a GoPro, Mobile Phone and DSLR
  • Please bring your own camera (GoPro, Mobile phone or DSLR)

Client Testimonials

“I could never quite master night shots until I spent a night around Dubai with Shuga. Travelling around the city by metro with a small group made it feel like I was discovering the city with friends”.

Uwe Hoffman, Germany

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